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 Alaska Statutes AS 45.02.328. Sale By Auction

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We have put a great amount of effort into ensuring that our Buyers and Sellers alike have a venue to post auctions and find the best deals on the net. Buyers will find a simple, one page registration process that takes only a minute to sign up. Although it is not required to register if all you want to do is view auctions on this site, you will not be able to take advantage of all the other FREE features that registering has to offer. And perhaps the best feature of all...

Registration is FREE!!!

"My Account" pages allow you to edit your account settings any time you wish...day or night.
"Feedback" feature allows buyers and sellers to rate each other on each transaction. This helps buyers feel confident in the seller they are dealing with.
"My Current Bids" page helps you to manage all auctions that you currently have active bids on. It displays your 'max bid' and the current status of each auction.
"Outbid Alert" email is automatically sent to you when another user has outbid you for a specific auction.
"Auction Favorites" allows you to keep a list of your "Auctions to Watch". Add as many auctions to your list as you wish and delete them any time within your personal account pages.
"Messaging System" gives you the ability to communicate with sellers directly from this site without having to open up your email client. If the seller replies to your message through the Message system, that message will be stored on this site for you to retrieve later.
"Seller's Other Auctions" link is conveniently located on the auction display page for you to view all of a particular seller's auctions that are currently active on the site.
"Tell-a-Friend" link on each auction display page allows you to quickly send an auction's details to a friend using the site's messaging system. No need for email!
"Browse by thumbnails" allows you to browse the site previewing thumbnail images of auctions without having to first click through to the auction details page.
"Contact Seller" link is easily located on each auction page for you to contact the seller directly with any questions you may have concerning their auction. The auction id is automatically included in the message that is sent.
"Auction Filters (Email Alerts)" feature allows you to set up specific keywords and categories to search for so that as future auctions are entered onto the site that meet your criteria, you will automatically be notified by email.
"Advanced Search" page allows you to narrow your search or expand your search to meet your exact specifications.

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